That moment when you find yourself in Austin

1 word ya’ll… TACOS.

My friends John and Courtney recently invited me out for a quick weekend play date in their new city, Austin, TX. This city is so amazing, and so budget friendly! So, without further adieu…

The Quick and Dirty Guide to Ballin’ in Austin on a Budget 
1. The Bat Bridge

Is that the name? (Update- I Google-d it. It’s the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. I still think Bat Bridge is cooler!)

IMG_8882 2

This is obviously Austin’s biggest attraction, but for a reason. It’s amazing. I sincerely suggest getting there early, packing water/snacks, and bringing your most entertaining friend. The bridge fills up pretty quickly, and so does the park underneath, so get there and secure a spot early.

If you’re choosing between the bridge and the park, definitely choose the bridge. The view is much better.

*Pro tip for entertaining yourself while waiting for the sun to set: create a Snapchat mini-series of bat facts and annoy all of your followers.

*Side note: it’s not easy to get amazing photos of these bad-boys – don’t be too ambitious with your Snapchat camera, just enjoy the moment.

2. Kayaking & Paddleboarding in Lady Bird Lake

If you’re on vacation, you HAVE to get in the water. It’s basically law. Plus… this is the best time to let the world preview your summer bikini collection.

The rental places around the Lake are really reasonable – and some even do bat night tours if you’re in a time crunch and want to do it all.

I mean, check out how cool this guy looks…


3. Listen to ALL the music!

Austin is teeming with talented artists. My favorite venues were Spider House and Cheer Up Charlie’s.

Spider House is full of Instagram-worthy lights, has a great outdoor area, and AMAZING margaritas. The staff there is phenomenal and the crowd is relaxed.

IMG_8849 2

Cheer Up Charlie’s is downtown. They have some awesome and unique mixed drinks and an amazing stage with a background of rock. It’s seriously the coolest. The bands that played there gave us the show of a lifetime, too.

And now… the moment we’ve all been waiting for. FOOD ❤
4. Adorable Diners

For something super cheap and super filling (after your bat bridge experience, probably) try Kerbey Lane. They have a great mix of healthy options, vegetarian dishes, and, of course, sweet potato fries.

The prices are budget friendly (I think I paid less than $10 for my salad, and we all split a bottle of great wine for $12!)


Seriously guys, out of the 9 meals I ate in Austin, 8 consisted of tacos. I can’t list all of the amazing places I got them here because one really took the cake:

Tyson’s Tacos

Oh. My. Lawd. Hands down these were the best tacos I’ve ever had! I ambitiously ordered the 3 fish versions they had, but could only eat 2 because they were so filling and delectable. I highly recommend the “Prince” — the “corn tortilla and pecan crusted fried tilapia, cream-y pickled beet slaw and purple cabbage, raspberry pico de gallo, kiss of goat cheese” will change your life.

This place also has amazing queso and guac served with massive bowls of chips. Do not miss out!

6. Extra Credit: Classy Cocktails

If you’ve been a good good girl/boy all while galavanting through the Austin streets, then it’s definitely time to treat yo’self.

Head downtown to The Roosevelt Room to enjoy a classy, sassy, and custom cocktail. Your drink is in good, crafty hands for a solid 3-5 minutes after you order it (watch the process — it’s amazing what these bartenders can do!) and enjoy the gentle ambiance.

Happy, pretty travels,

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