The problem with “just being honest”

“I’m just being honest” is NOT an excuse for being a B from hell.

As a public school teacher, I consider myself to be pretty thick-skinned. Kids are kids – in addition to being beautiful young creatures full of possibility, they are also… mean. And our culture is encouraging it. In fact, rude and inconsiderate comments are becoming intoxicatingly contagious on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Here are a few examples:

Though these quotes and inspirations may have the ability to be interpreted in such a way that makes a positive impact in the world, they simply are not.

“Honesty” has become an excuse for bullying.

This is unacceptable. I hear students negatively comments about classmates quirks, work, media, and appearances and then tagging it with “I’m just being honest” as if that makes everything okay. I’m not saying that people are not entitled to their thoughts, I’m saying that this kind of negative thinking is shameful, and should not be spoken aloud or applauded for “truthfulness.”

Thinking is a work-out for the brain. Positive pathways must be forged just like negative one. If the brain is exercised enough in the way of intentional positive thinking, eventually the thoughts will come easier, and then automatically.

Consistently speaking “honest” or “real” negative thoughts reveals a mean-spirit and a cruel soul. Criticizing people without invitation is not truthfulness, it’s bullying. Communication should only happen honestly AND kindly. And yes, it is possible in every situation.

I’m just being honest, but the ugliest thing I have ever seen is a human being lacking compassion.

Kill ‘em with pretty thoughts,

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