Life is not always glamorous, but we certainly deserve to feel that way.



Something I’ve always felt the world is missing is a lifestyle blog that is always relatable. Too often I find myself attempting to glam-up my life by clicking links for recipes that have ingredients I can only order online, clothes I can only afford if I sold my organs on the black market, or, and this is my least favorite, tips and formulas that require too much money, too much time, and too much effort.

My mission for Feels Like Pretty is to provide real ways to glitz up the mundane. Having a beautiful life should be accessible to everyone. 

This is not the place for pipe dreams. Everything on this site will be 1000% normal-person tested and approved. Basically, I’m promising to not pretend like I completely have “it” together.

So, whether you’re looking for a life-changing cookie recipe that doesn’t require organic cacao chunks from some obscure website that doesn’t offer free shipping, or a quick rant about the phrase I’m just being honest” as a stupid excuse for “I’m actually a B from hell,” hit the subscribe button.

Let’s get pretty.